Aggregate Producers
Aggregate Producers

Simplify Compliance and Quality Management

Effectively managing the technical and quality management requirements of a quarrying operation requires timely access to information on material test data. When a producer operates their own laboratory to meet these needs they face the same challenges as all Construction Materials Testing Laboratories. Additionally there is a need to ensure that the data collected is stored in a way that makes it easily accessible when and where it is required in the organization for monitoring quality control.

Replacing your existing disparate paper and software systems with a centralized solution from Spectra QEST, which can be tightly integrated with your corporate financial/ERP system, enables business process improvements both in the running of a materials testing operation and in the management of quarry product quality. You can streamline your laboratory operations and monitor the performance of your quarry products.

A Spectra QEST solution for your testing operation delivers standardization, efficiency gains and quality improvements resulting in increased profitability.

Test Methods:
Hundreds of test methods covered by QESTLab.

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Equip yourself with Spectra QEST’s leading software tools which provide you with the following benefits:

  • Data in Once

    Data in Once

    Eliminate duplicate data entry through the use of a single system to meet all your laboratory’s information needs, including sample tracking, data collection, results calculation, report generation and distribution, equipment calibration and billing. Integrate with the other business systems used by your organization.

  • Quality Control

    Quality Control

    Efficient storage, searching and analysis of test results enables reporting for quality control and quality assurance purposes, including historical material performance tables and charts.

  • Compliance


    Meet compliance obligations for ISO13075, accreditation agencies and other authorities. Track equipment calibrations, technician competency, audit trail, report approval authority, etc.

  • Test Methods

    Test Methods

    Quickly and reliably enter raw data, calculate results and perform validations for over 600 construction materials and geotechnical test methods out of the box. Including ASTM, AASHTO, Australian Standards, New Zealand Standards, British Standards, various state DOT standards and more.

  • Uniform Test Reports

    Uniform Test Reports

    Ensure consistent reporting formats between individual tests and between different testing disciplines. Support the testing from various disciplines in a single, centralized system, including concrete, aggregates, asphalt, soils etc.

  • Equipment Interfacing

    Equipment Interfacing

    Interface directly with testing equipment to electronically capture measurements and data entry effort and errors. Collect data from simple apparatus such as balances and compression machines as well as more complex equipment such as triaxial and consolidation testing machines.

Strengthen your competitive advantage with Spectra QEST’s leading software products.

Test Methods:
Hundreds of test methods covered by QESTLab.

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How can we help you?

Contact us today to see how Spectra QEST can deliver a solution for your business.

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  • "In short, we are very happy with QESTLab and Spectra QEST. You have brought our laboratory operations out of the stone ages and directly to the forefront of technology in Laboratory Information Management."

    J. Parsons, P.E., Director of Lab Operations - NTH Consultants

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  • “The implementation of QESTLab and Construction Hive has significantly aided our end-to-end business process. We are very pleased that we chose to implement Spectra QEST’s products across all of our operations.”

    Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, Operations - Twining, Inc.

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  • "We selected QESTLab to replace our aging, non-web based laboratory management products with a single, centralized, enterprise-grade solution that can be tightly integrated with our existing systems. We are confident this will help us achieve significant standardization and efficiency gains through improved laboratory processes, reporting consistency and data mining capabilities."

    Dan Larson, President - American Engineering Testing, Inc

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