Coffey Geotechnics Completes QESTLab Rollout

Spectra QEST announces that Coffey Geotechnics has recently completed the rollout of QESTLab in the 26 laboratories it operates Australia wide.

With the help of an experienced Spectra QEST implementation engineer on secondment, Coffey broke all previous implementation records rolling out 26 laboratories in around three months.

Coffey Senior Management has indicated that the implementation has been a success and closer co-operation between the two companies is on the cards.

It should be noted that according to the Coffey 2006 Annual Report the ‘new centralized structure’ (the QESTLab system that has now been rolled out Australia wide) aimed to ‘improve information management’ and will contribute to Coffey becoming ‘flexible, mobile and able to integrate new acquisitions with ease – essential elements for a specialist knowledge-based organization.

Mr. Tony Edwards (a Coffey senior executive) said that the system is delivering the expected benefits in regards to efficiency, laboratory best practice and centralization.

He also remarked that he has been pleasantly surprised at how well some of the younger, more junior laboratory staff have taken to the system. Mr. Edwards believes that these younger employees find the system as simple to use as their iPods, and he has noticed a morale boost amongst the younger staff who expect to find sophisticated computerized systems when they go to work for one Australia’s most successful engineering firms.

Further QESTLab developments are expected to be adopted by Coffey in the near future. In addition more integration with other Coffey systems is being planned which will result in a solution even more powerful and more efficient than it currently is.

Stephan Mavrakis, Head of Global Sales, Spectra QEST
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