Update on Spectra QEST’s response to Covid-19

What is Spectra QEST doing to help limit spread?

Effective from the 15th of March all employees in both Australia and North America commenced working from home. We have also ceased all travel and in person meetings. This change of work practice is currently in place until the end of March. We will be monitoring the situation closely and this date is likely to be extended.

How will we service our customers?

Continuing to support our customers is of utmost importance to us.

All our team have full capability to perform their duties remotely. This includes all aspects of our service offering from sales through to ongoing support and product development.

Traditionally we have opted to provide some services such as business analyses and product training on site, as we find this the most effective approach. Once things are back to normal we will likely return to this model for the advantages it brings. That said, these activities can also be provided remotely, to a high standard, with appropriate planning and utlizing remote connectivity technologies. We will continue to plan for and schedule these activities as normal and work with our customers to make decisions on adjusting the delivery method as/when needed.

Time to ‘sharpen the tools’ ?

While understandably there is currently some economic uncertainty, history has shown that once the situation is under control the market will rebound and the construction industry will benefit, including from government stimulus. During this quiet period may be an optimal time for you to consider ‘sharpening the tools’, upgrade your system, implement additional QEST Platform product modules or get some additional training. As always the service desk is the best place for these requests for existing customers.

Organizations looking to implement the award winning QEST Platform should contact our sales team.

Latest News

  • Spectra QEST is excited to announce the release of QEST Platform 4.92.
  • As COVID-19 and related safety measures continue to impact communities, Spectra QEST remains committed to helping customers safely and efficiently provide services. Geoscience Engineering & Testing is using the QEST Platform to aid in its efforts to improve operations and ensure the safety of employees and customers.
  • Spectra QEST is excited to announce the release of QEST Platform 4.91.
  • With global events unfolding very quickly, Spectra QEST have made the decision to move to full work from home arrangements for all our staff located in Australia and North America.
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