QEST Platform 4.80

Spectra QEST is excited to announce the introduction of the QESTField Tests product to the Asia-Pacific region with QEST Platform 4.80. QESTField is a mobile solution for field technicians and inspectors to electronically replace paper-based information gathering on site for construction materials testing (CMT) and construction inspection activities as well as geotechnical investigations.

Compare the field data capture process using QESTField Tests to the traditional paper process:

Traditional, paper based process

The process with QESTField Tests

QESTField Tests introduces huge efficiencies in the field data capture process by removing delays, bottlenecks and transposition errors throughout the process.

Taken together with the QESTField Scheduler and QESTLab, this field information management system enables you to allocate, track and capture field related work in real time, improving visibility into your operations and simplifying report review and approval. It removes the need to physically move paper records, eliminates data transposition and reduces report turnaround times. QESTField Tests is accessible online using a web browser on any web enabled device as well as through Spectra QEST's QESTField mobile app available for Android and iOS.

New Workflows
To complement the already-existing and comprehensive workflows for the North American market, the following new workflows are introduced to QESTField Tests with QEST Platform 4.80:

Workflow Standards Bodies Supported
Concrete Field Testing
  • Sampling (AS 1012.1, RMS T300)
  • Plastic state tests
    • Temperature (AS 1012.1, RMS T300)
    • Consistency
      • Slump (1012.3.1, RMS T301)
      • Slump flow (AS 1012.3.5, per RMS B80: ASTM C1611, ASTM C1621, ASTM C1712)
    • Air content (AS 1012.4.2, RMS T320)
    • Mass per Unit Volume (AS 1012.5, RMS T303)
  • Registration of specimens created in the field (AS 1012.8.1, AS 1012.8.2, AS 1012.8.3, RMS T304, RMS T327, RMS T375)
Nuclear Field Density Testing

Australian Standards

  • Sampling and sample registration for
    • Dry Density Ratio (Standard Compaction, Modified Compaction or Assigned MDD) (AS 1289.5.1.1, AS 1289.5.2.1, AS 1289.5.4.1, AS 1289.5.4.2)
    • Hilf Density Ratio (AS 1289.5.7.1)
    • Density Index (AS 1289.5.5.1, AS 1289.5.6.1)
  • Nuclear Field Density Test Data Entry (AS 1289.5.8.1)
Nuclear Field Density Testing

Roads and Maritime Services

  • Sampling and sample registration for
    • Dry Density Ratio (Standard Compaction) (RMS T111, RMS T166)
    • Converted Wet Density (RMS T162, RMS T166)
    • Wet Density Ratio (Standard Compaction) (RMS T111, RMS T166)
    • Density Index (RMS T164, RMS T166)
  • Nuclear Field Density Test Data Entry (RMS T173)
Nuclear Field Density Testing

Standards New Zealand

  • Nuclear Field Density Test Data Entry (NZS 4407 Test 4.2, NZS 4407 Test 4.3)
  • Import of reference density from completed
    • Standard Compaction (NZS 4402.4.1.1)
    • Heavy Compaction (NZS 4402.4.1.2)
    • Vibration Hammer (NZS 4402.4.1.3)

Also available for use are the existing standard sample pickup workflows for aggregate, soil and asphalt samples.

QESTField Scheduler Improvements
Not all of the new features and improvements in this release are exclusive to the Asia-Pacific region, however. QEST Platform 4.80 also introduces some powerful improvements to the QESTField Scheduler product, applicable everywhere, further automating the workflow for dispatchers.

Concrete Specimen Pickups
The QESTField Scheduler will now automatically suggest work orders that should be created for concrete specimen pickups based on concrete samples added to the QEST Platform. Never miss a specimen pickup again and because the suggested work orders are based on specimens that are actually created, there are no erroneous pick up work orders to deal with that may have been pre-created for work that was subsequently cancelled.

Adding Work Orders from the Timeline
New Work orders can now be created by double clicking directly on the Scheduler timeline. This pre-fills the laboratory, technician and start time of the work, further speeding up work order creation for dispatchers.

Other Developments
Along with the new features discussed above there are other quality of life improvements and tweaks available in QEST Platform 4.80. For the full list of changes please refer to the full release notes available to customers with a valid maintenance agreement.

Availability and Purchase
Please contact Spectra QEST to take advantage of the efficiency gains of QEST Platform 4.80.

About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials engineering, testing, inspection and production industries. Founded in January 1984, Spectra QEST offers the most comprehensive construction materials quality platform on the market today. With offices located in Adelaide, South Australia, and Sacramento, California, it services customers in North America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. These customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical engineering companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies.

Spectra QEST’s technology has been honored with an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Gold Medal for Engineering Excellence (Texas) and an ACEC National Recognition Award for the QESTField product. Also, Spectra QEST was successful in winning Australia’s premier IT industry award, the 2013 iAwards, both at State and National levels, the Business SA 2013 Export Awards, and most recently, the 2015 Impact Awards.

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