QEST Platform 4.90 and Construction Hive 1.900

Spectra QEST is excited to announce the release of QEST Platform version 4.90 and Construction Hive version 1.900. Together, these two products introduce a whole host of new features aimed at improving the quality and efficiency of the dispatch and reporting processes of Construction Materials Testing organizations. 

These powerful new features improve upon an already impressive set of functionality available, streamlining more processes than ever before.

QESTField Scheduler Notifications and Work Confirmation

You asked and we listened! The QESTField Scheduler now has the ability to send notifications about the day’s schedule at the click of a button. When the schedule is ready, the dispatcher clicks the Notify button and field technicians are notified by email or via push notification if they are using the QESTField mobile app. Technicians confirm their assigned work orders and the dispatcher can see these confirmations arrive in real time in the QESTField Scheduler. 

This automated communication greatly improves the efficiency of the daily scheduling tasks by automating away the busy work and allowing the dispatcher to focus on any exceptions or unconfirmed work orders. 

Visual feedback about work order confirmation status allows at-a-glance verification of schedule coverage, allowing dispatchers and project managers to focus on what’s important - getting the job done! 

Daily Summary Field Report

The Daily Summary Field Report represents the most efficient way to leave a summary of completed work on-site. This QESTField Tests workflow extends the existing Daily Field Inspection workflow and will automatically collate and summarize key data from previously entered workflows (like concrete and field densities) as well as any entered inspection forms. 

The workflow will additionally populate pre-defined language for inspections as well as allow the recording of more general remarks. Once all the information is collated, the field technician or inspector will be able to preview, sign (if appropriate), and publish the report directly from their device to stakeholders on-site. 

This quick collation and summary of work completed in the field along with the ability for immediate distribution and approval, where appropriate, means that all project stakeholders can be kept up to date on completed work, daily. 

Since the daily summary field report only summarizes the work completed and does not include measurements or results, it can remove the need for report review to be completed prior to on-site personnel being informed of work completed or any issues discovered. Of course, the ability to allow field staff to sign and/or distribute the resulting report is totally configurable to fit with your organization's processes and procedures. 

QESTLab’s Report Review Mode

QESTLab's Report Review Mode has been specially developed to make the process of reviewing and correcting reports as efficient as possible. 

If a correction to a report is required, the data entry screen that the report sits under can now be accessed with one click. Once any necessary corrections are complete, the user can return to the list of reports to review, again with a single click. There is no need to search for the correct data entry screen through menus, trees or enter any ID numbers, go straight there, make a correction and straight back again. 

Providing all of the necessary elements to complete review of a report on one screen and designed such that a report can be reviewed, corrected, signed, and published with the minimal amount of clicks, the report review mode will drastically improve the speed at which reports in QESTLab are reviewed. 

Milestone Reporting
Milestone reporting allows project managers to provide a single deliverable to their customers that comprises of a set of test reports from an arbitrary time period. 

Milestone reporting makes the process of submitting weekly or monthly packets of reports straightforward, fast and intuitive. Add cover pages, a contents page with clickable links within the resulting PDF, re-order included documents, add external PDF files within the body of the document, and preview the output to make sure it’s perfect before publishing.

The resulting milestone reports can be published to existing contacts on the project with a simple checkbox selection or additional contacts by entering an email address. Pages on the resulting document will be automatically re-numbered and the document itself will be able to be digitally sealed after it is published. Where projects demand that a Professional Engineer seal reports, milestone reporting can be used to reduce the number of documents that must be sealed. 

Digital Sealing
Spectra QEST has partnered with Notarius ( to deliver industry leading digital signing and sealing capabilities in Construction Hive. Any test report or document that requires a digital signature or Professional Engineering seal can now be sealed with a single click individually, or in bulk, in Construction Hive.

In order to make use of the digital sealing functionality, a personal certificate is first securely issued to the engineer and remains under their sole control after a rigorous identity verification process. This certificate is then used in a digital signing and sealing workflow embedded in Construction Hive.

The workflow results in digitally sealed documents in Construction Hive that provide assurance of the signer's identity, non-repudiation of the seal as well as ensuring that any attempt to tamper with the document or seal will be detected.

This process complies with or exceeds digital signing requirements as set out by state licensing agencies for Professional Engineers in the USA.

Utilizing certificates compliant with Microsoft's WebTrust and Adobe's AATL trust lists mean that documents digitally sealed in Construction Hive will be validated in Microsoft and Adobe products without any extra steps. 

Other Features and Improvements
Along with the above new features, the latest QEST Platform release includes a number of other improvements to user experience and functionality. For a full list of additional features please refer to the release notes, available to customers with a valid maintenance agreement. 

Availability and Purchase
Please contact Spectra QEST to take advantage of the efficiency gains of the streamlined and automated processes in QEST Platform 4.90 and Construction Hive 1.900.

About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials engineering, testing, inspection and production industries. Founded in January 1984, Spectra QEST offers the most comprehensive construction materials quality platform on the market today. With offices located in Adelaide, South Australia, and Sacramento, California, it services customers in North America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. These customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical engineering companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies.

Spectra QEST’s technology has been honored with an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Gold Medal for Engineering Excellence (Texas) and an ACEC National Recognition Award for the QESTField product. Also, Spectra QEST was successful in winning Australia’s premier IT industry award, the 2013 iAwards, both at State and National levels, the Business SA 2013 Export Awards, and most recently, the 2015 Impact Awards.

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