QEST Platform 4.91

Spectra QEST is excited to announce the release of QEST Platform 4.91. This version of QEST Platform introduces the first set of features built on new technology that Spectra QEST has been embedding into the product suite for the last 12 months and will continue to use to migrated functionality out of the QESTLab product.

The first set of features using this new technology are centered around administering the QEST Platform and providing better insights and control of the use of QEST Platform products within your organization.

Keep on Top of License Usage

Get new insights on the usage of QEST Platform products, like never before through the new QEST Platform administration toolset. Find the hours of peak usage for each product on a day to day basis or spot longer term trends in product usage. Focus in on a specific product or get an overview of the usage across the platform. The raw data used to generate the usage charts and numbers is available for download in order to allow administrators to further review and format the data as desired.

A New Administration Space

QEST Platform administrators now have a new, web-based, toolset for administering the platform, allowing for insights to be gained and configuration changes made from anywhere.

Configure License Monitoring

The first set of configuration settings utlizing the new toolset focuses on license management, monitoring, and tracking as well as initial deployment of the QEST Platform in an environment. This includes the usage tools shown above as well as initial configuration of database connections, configuring email settings and setting up tracking emails for license usage warnings.

Consolidated Authentication and Password Management

In preparation for the release of more migrated functionality later this year, the user and password management within the QEST Platform has received an overhaul. This work will ensure that all QEST Platform products are consistent in their use of credentials and that the storage and use of these credentials meets current industry best practices.

Forms Improvements

With the QESTField Forms product gaining more traction among our customer base, we are introducing new features and improvements that makes the process of using and reviewing forms even more efficient and user friendly.

Automatic Image Compression

When forms are synchronized to the QEST Platform, any attached images will be automatically compressed to reduce bandwidth requirements and the size of the resulting reports. No extra input is required from users for this to occur, they will simply attach their images and go.

Automatic Page Renumbering

Pages on forms are now automatically re-numbered whenever a form is synchronized with the QEST Platform. This allows for more flexibility in the way Forms templates are designed, as well as how the forms are used in the field. Pages can be removed or added by field users with the confidence that page numbering will be retained, correct, and complete.

Forms Page Deletion in QESTLab

When reviewing forms in QESTLab, a project manager will have the option to remove unwanted or unused pages from the form with the click of a button. If a field user has neglected to remove unused pages, this can now efficiently be corrected during review.

Availability and Purchase
Please contact Spectra QEST to take advantage of the efficiency gains of the streamlined and automated processes in QEST Platform 4.91.

About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials engineering, testing, inspection and production industries. Founded in January 1984, Spectra QEST offers the most comprehensive construction materials quality platform on the market today. With offices located in Adelaide, South Australia, and Sacramento, California, it services customers in North America, Europe, Australasia and the Middle East. These customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical engineering companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies.

Spectra QEST’s technology has been honored with an American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Gold Medal for Engineering Excellence (Texas) and an ACEC National Recognition Award for the QESTField product. Also, Spectra QEST was successful in winning Australia’s premier IT industry award, the 2013 iAwards, both at State and National levels, the Business SA 2013 Export Awards, and most recently, the 2015 Impact Awards.

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