QESTField v2.0: Transforming Field Testing and Inspection

Spectra QEST is proud to announce the latest version of its construction materials field testing and inspection product, QESTField v2.0. Enhancements made in version 2.0 include an improved user interface, the ability to capture images with mobile devices and attach these directly to reports, improved performance, and greater scalability enabling very large implementations.

Construction materials testing and inspection companies are under tremendous pressure to increase margins by growing revenues while at the same time reducing costs. Customers are demanding faster turnaround times on test reports, with many projects now requiring test reports within 24 hours of field tests and inspections being conducted. Management is looking to gain better oversight of its business operations, allowing it to measure efficiency and plan resourcing. Customers and regulators are demanding better quality management systems to ensure that testing is of the highest possible standard.

QESTField is helping companies to meet these growing challenges by bringing increased efficiency, improved data quality and faster data availability to construction materials and geotechnical field testing and inspection operations. It replaces paper-based information gathering at the job site. A technician/inspector can see the work requests allocated to them for the day, and register details of samples taken in the field as well as tests/inspections performed in the field. It helps to reduce effort and errors in data entry, providing a controlled data entry environment using pre-defined forms and drop-down menus.

All of this can be done with real time access back to Spectra QEST’s Laboratory Information Management System, QESTLab, so that the field technician/inspector has access to the latest laboratory information such as maximum dry density results.

QESTField improves report turn-around time with information available for reporting as soon as fieldwork is performed, and simplifies communication with field technicians/inspectors by making work requests immediately available to them.

QESTField is highly configurable to the work processes of an organization, and it is being used for a wide variety of different tests and inspections including for concrete, pavements, earthworks, bridges, reinforcing, retaining walls, masonry, foundations, and signage, as well as for quantity tracking.

QESTField works with mobile devices that have data and web browser capability (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, etc.). If the device has GPS capability then this information can be read and recorded alongside sample location data.

For more information on QESTField, or to arrange a product demonstration, please contact Spectra QEST.

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