QESTLab for PSI – World’s Largest Implementation

Spectra QEST announces that Professional Service Industries, Inc. will implement QESTLab throughout its United States operations. Spectra QEST believes that this is the largest construction materials and soils testing LIMS implementation in the world, based on a non-custom, commercially available system.

Professional Service Industries, Inc. (better known as PSI) is one of the United States’ largest consulting engineering and testing firms, operating more than 80 laboratories US-wide.

Distinguished as a leader in environmental consulting, geotechnical engineering, and construction testing services, PSI is recognized in the USA as an expert firm in several disciplines, including construction services, materials testing, roof consulting and asbestos management.

McGraw-Hill Construction’s Engineering News Record (ENR) ranks PSI as one of North America's largest consulting engineering firms. It is also one of the oldest, having commenced operations over 100 years ago. Today PSI employs thousands of skilled personnel in around 100 offices across North America.

Some time ago, PSI recognized the tremendous benefits a top-shelf, specialist construction materials and soils Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) would bring to the business. The firm has experienced some of these benefits following the internal development—over a decade ago—of FOS, a custom software system for the management of field and office data.

FOS was used successfully for a number of years in many of the PSI offices, but as is often the case with custom, internally developed systems, it was expensive to maintain, was missing some important LIMS features and had limited coverage of the test methods performed by PSI in its laboratories.

Following an international search, the QESTLab system was selected as the platform of choice moving forward. PSI commissioned Spectra QEST to analyze its operations and report back on how best to implement the software, what integration would be required and what additional development would be necessary to meet the requirements of such a large implementation.

Spectra QEST was also asked to contribute specialist resources towards the project management, training and roll out requirements of the project. As a result, Dirk Janek (Director, Technology & Products) spent three months with PSI early in 2007, followed by Michael Howland (Implementation & Support Assistant Manager) who is working out of PSI’s headquarters in Chicago, where he will remain for the duration of the project.

PSI is a dynamic company continually expanding. QESTLab is to be deployed in 87 laboratories throughout the US.

About PSI
Professional Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) is one of the United States’ largest consulting engineering and testing firms, employing more than 2,300 staff in around 100 offices across the United States. PSI is recognized in the USA as an expert firm in several disciplines, including construction materials testing and engineering, geotechnical engineering, and environmental consulting.

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About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials testing, inspection and production industries. Founded in January 1984, Spectra QEST offers the most comprehensive construction materials quality platform on the market today. Its customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical testing companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies.

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