QESTLab Software Helps to Ensure Quality of $455m Pacific Highway Upgrade Project

Spectra QEST announces that Coffey Information has realized significant benefits by using the QESTLab software to manage its testing on the Coopernook to Herons Creek Pacific Highway upgrade project.

The Federal and New South Wales governments have been upgrading the Pacific Highway since 1996, and have committed $3.6bn to the upgrade between 2009 and 2014. The work involves the upgrade of the 700km stretch of the Pacific Highway between Newcastle and the Queensland Border. Work is being undertaken in a number of distinct projects.

The $456 million Coopernook to Herons Creek Pacific Highway upgrade project involves a 33 km dual carriageway upgrade between Coopernook and Herons Creek. Coffey Information was selected as the sole testing supplier for the project. Coffey Information has established on-site testing facilities to undertake the Quality Assurance testing to ensure that the construction work undertaken on the project complies with the design and safety standards.

The QESTLab laboratory information management system (which is used nationally by Coffey Information in its construction materials and geotechnical testing laboratory operations) is being used to manage the collection, calculation and reporting of the testing information on the Coopernook project. It has proven to be a valuable tool for Coffey Information because it has reduced turnaround time for test results. This, combined with the ability to email reports directly from the system, helps to speed up the report delivery process to the engineers, preventing any unnecessary holdups to construction.

Coffey Information has found that the system has also significantly simplified the reporting to its clients, by making testing summary reports simple and easy to prepare. In addition, improved reporting of turnaround times and numbers of tests performed, combined with ability to export to Excel, provide useful tools to allow Coffey Information’s clients to track testing. “QESTLab has allowed us to provide efficient and timely results for clients, as well as providing a quick and simple summary report of testing for any given period,” said Coffey Information’s Operations System Manager, Herbert Kaiserseder.

Spectra QEST Director, Dirk Janek, who has been intimately involved in the implementation of QESTLab within Coffey Information, was equally happy with the result. “Spectra QEST is pleased that QESTLab is delivering such significant benefits to Coffey Information on a project as important as this one. This success demonstrates Coffey Information’s commitment to constantly improving its systems to ensure that it is able to provide the highest possible quality of service to its customers.”

About Coffey Information
Coffey Information, a stand alone subsidiary of ASX-listed Coffey International Limited, is an industry-leading specialist in scientific testing solutions around the globe. It has been delivering services to the construction, environmental and mining industries for 50 years, and has industry accredited laboratories located worldwide. Coffey Information is recognized as an organization that is committed to industry best practice, providing high quality, reliable and timely results by staying at forefront of technological advancement in testing.

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About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials testing and production industries. Headquartered in Adelaide, South Australia, Spectra QEST has a long history of leading the world in the development and implementation of software solutions for the quality control of construction materials and soils. Its customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical testing companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies. Customers include Coffey Information (Aus), Cemex (Aus), Holcim (NZ), Boral ACM (Aus), Fulton Hogan (Aus & NZ), GHD (Aus), Professional Service Industries (USA), Braun Intertec (USA), and NTH Consultants (USA).

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