Spectra QEST Celebrates 30 Years of Quality Engineering Software Tools

Spectra QEST, a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials engineering, testing, inspection and production industries, is pleased to announce that 2014 marks the company’s 30th anniversary. Founded in January 1984 in New South Wales, Australia, Spectra QEST has evolved into an industry leader with a global presence.

Thirty years ago Spectra QEST Founder Dr Manfred Sautner established a small company in the third bedroom of his family home. From these humble beginnings, the company has grown into a successful international business with significant customers around the globe.

Today, Spectra QEST is the world’s largest company in supplying laboratory software for construction materials testing both in terms of staff and revenue numbers, in terms of number of laboratories serviced and in terms of complexity of the solution provided. The 5 largest implementations of such technology in the world have all been successfully delivered by Spectra QEST.

Dr Manfred Sautner (right)
with the Hon. Tom Kenyon, MP.

Spectra QEST celebrated its 30th anniversary with a gala dinner at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Friday evening. The event was attended by the Hon. Tom Kenyon, MP, Minister for Manufacturing, Innovation and Trade and Minister for Small Business. The company’s Board of Directors thanked its staff for their tireless and dedicated service to the company and also honored the company’s Founder, Dr Manfred Sautner. SpectraQEST’s key Adelaide-based consultants were also present at the celebration. All guests were presented with an anniversary milestone booklet, outlining Spectra QEST’s history and highlighting its key achievements of the past thirty years.

Dr Manfred Sautner said, “It was exciting to reflect on the progress that SpectraQEST has made over the past 30 years. When I established the company soon after emigrating from Germany I could not have imaged in my wildest dreams that we would build up such a successful, internationally focused company. All credit is due to the management and loyal staff of the company.”

The Hon. Tom Kenyon, MP said, "It was a pleasure to take part in the 30 year anniversary celebrations of Spectra QEST. The State government is proud that the innovative solutions this South Australian based company provides to the construction industry have recently been recognized with a national iAward."

An important factor in Spectra QEST’s success is the partnerships that it forms with its customers and many long-term relationships have been established over the years. Spectra QEST’s focus is not simply on selling high quality software to its customers, but also on supporting its customers to effectively implement the software and transform their company by improving quality, efficiency and standardization. Spectra QEST would like to thank its customers for their continuing support over the years.

Spectra QEST’s Directors took the opportunity afforded by the evening to announce that they have made a commitment to invest in the expansion of the company’s US subsidiary with the appointment of a regional general manager with more than 15 years’ experience working for leading US engineering firms. Further details will be released next week.

The Directors and staff of Spectra QEST are very proud to have reached the thirty year milestone and are looking forward with anticipation to the next thirty years.

Spectra QEST Directors: Stephan Mavrakis, Manfred Sautner, Dirk Janek and Michael Sautner (left to right).

About Spectra QEST
Spectra QEST is a software development and services company specializing in solutions for the construction materials engineering, testing, inspection and production industries. Founded in January 1984, Spectra QEST offers the most comprehensive construction materials quality platform on the market today. Its customers include leading international construction companies, construction materials and geotechnical testing companies, construction materials manufacturers, and government bodies.

Stephan Mavrakis, Head of Global Sales, Spectra QEST
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