Our Approach
Our Approach

Ensuring the Success of your Software Implementation

At Spectra QEST we have extensive experience in implementing our software products in all types of organizations, and especially in large, centralized, multi-site implementations for companies that want to achieve the standardization, quality, efficiency and control benefits that a centralized system can bring.

Spectra QEST's thorough approach, carried out by our experienced software implementation specialists, helps to eliminate the risks associated with enterprise grade software implementations, ensuring the success of your implementation, on time and on budget.

  • Communication

    Our approach is based on clear and thorough communication from the outset to ensure you gain an extensive understanding of our products and capabilities. Clear communication ensures that both we as the vendor and you as the customer can be sure that our software is the correct solution to meet your needs, before entering into a contract.

  • Project Scoping

    Spectra QEST's products incorporate extensive functionality that can be configured to operate in line with your business requirements. At the outset of a project one of our experienced software implementers, who understands your industry and can accurately and efficiently interpret your business requirements, will work with you to plan the configuration, integration, deployment and adoption of the solution in your organization.

  • Project Plan

    The outcome of the Project Scoping phase is a detailed plan that covers the product configuration, and customization (if required), interfacing needs, deployment approach and resourcing requirements. This is a critical step in helping identify and eliminate potential risks from the project and providing a realistic time schedule and costs.

  • Deployment Assistance

    For large implementations, Spectra QEST is able to embed one of our specialist software implementers within your organization for the duration of the planning and deployment stages. This can help overcome your organization’s resourcing constraints by providing a dedicated, experienced specialist who focuses on your software implementation project, ensuring that your personnel are coordinated appropriately and that you have the necessary resources to achieve a timely, efficient and successful project outcome.

  • Training

    Spectra QEST provides thorough training for your staff to facilitate the correct and most efficient use of the software. Training can be provided on a one-on-one basis or in a classroom style format. Customized training courses based on your organization's workflows can be developed for all levels of staff including technicians, administration personnel, laboratory managers and expert users.

  • Maintenance

    Upon the successful completion of your software implementation, Spectra QEST offers maintenance services. Our software engineers are constantly working to maintain and upgrade our products to provide additional functionality and improvements. Customers can have access to the latest builds and functionalities to provide ongoing benefits.

  • "In all of our dealings with them, we have found Spectra QEST’s staff to be reliable and professional. They conducted a substantial requirements analysis, taking the time to listen and understand our concerns. Responses were prompt and Spectra QEST was able to meet all of our existing and emerging needs both during the project deployment phase and afterwards."

    Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, Operations - Twining, Inc.

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  • "With the help of the entire Spectra QEST team we are reaching our goals of improving our Quality, Efficiency, Standardization, and Technology and building a strong foundation that can support profitable growth for years to come."

    Marshall Hammack, CFO - Professional Service Industries, Inc.

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  • “Our laboratory staff have benefited from the efficiency gains that the system provides. Not only have the standard inclusions within the software transformed our laboratory operations, making them much more streamlined and efficient, but Spectra QEST also assisted with business process customizations that addressed our company’s specific needs in some of our key business areas.”

    Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, Operations - Twining, Inc.

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