Our Mission And Values
Our Mission

Our Mission

We believe in sustainable development and the prudent use of natural resources.

Our customers are the government agencies, engineers, materials producers, constructors and laboratories responsible for the thoughtful selection, application, testing and inspection of materials.

These activities are performed in accordance with government regulations, industry standards and quality management systems. They are data intensive and geographically dispersed taking place in construction material production facilities, at construction sites and in testing laboratories.

The construction quality information collected is reviewed and analysed by engineers, project managers, quality managers, developers and government representatives.

Our mission is to enable the efficient and accurate collection, organisation, analysis and distribution of construction quality information.

Our Values

  • Integrity

    We deliver what we promise and are transparent when this changes.

  • Curiosity

    We enquire and learn, take measured risks and embrace our failures.

  • Empathy

    We listen to understand and value the perspective of others.

  • Unity

    We share a common purpose and work hard together with passion.

  • "In all of our dealings with them, we have found Spectra QEST’s staff to be reliable and professional. They conducted a substantial requirements analysis, taking the time to listen and understand our concerns. Responses were prompt and Spectra QEST was able to meet all of our existing and emerging needs both during the project deployment phase and afterwards."

    Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, Operations - Twining, Inc.

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  • "With the help of the entire Spectra QEST team we are reaching our goals of improving our Quality, Efficiency, Standardization, and Technology and building a strong foundation that can support profitable growth for years to come."

    Marshall Hammack, CFO - Professional Service Industries, Inc.

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  • “Our laboratory staff have benefited from the efficiency gains that the system provides. Not only have the standard inclusions within the software transformed our laboratory operations, making them much more streamlined and efficient, but Spectra QEST also assisted with business process customizations that addressed our company’s specific needs in some of our key business areas.”

    Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E., Senior Vice President, Operations - Twining, Inc.

    Learn more about Spectra QEST’s solution for Twining.