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QESTLab is a sophisticated Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and quality control software package. It has been specifically designed for use in the construction materials testing (concrete, asphalt, aggregates) as well as the geotechnical testing industries.

Construction materials and geotechnical testing laboratories use QESTLab to improve the efficiency of laboratory operations in areas ranging from sample tracking, test result calculation, and test report generation to equipment calibration, scheduling and billing. It provides the tools necessary to efficiently manage the information requirements of construction materials and geotechnical testing laboratories.

In addition, concrete and other construction materials producers use QESTLab's tools to generate the detailed information needed to improve production control (therefore reducing cost and improving quality), while at the same time efficiently meeting the compliance requirements of the jurisdiction they operate in.

QESTLab is a 'best of breed' system offering unparalleled functionality that assists in virtually every aspect of the laboratory. QESTLab:

  • promotes best testing practice by utilising hundreds of detailed method-specific test screens;
  • assists with allocating work to testers;
  • helps with the management of the testing data;
  • automatically generates test reports;
  • allows for electronic distribution of the test reports directly from within the system;
  • has a very comprehensive data analysis and reporting engine;
  • manages specifications;
  • includes a comprehensive equipment register (which monitors calibrations of laboratory instruments);
  • logs all activities to any sample in a secure audit trail;
  • includes a multi-tiered security structure for users;
  • allows users to add unlimited simple, results-only tests to the system;
  • interfaces with MS Office allowing the creation of custom tests and test reports;
  • bills and invoices for work done; and
  • in short, enforces and monitors best practice in laboratory functions.

It is currently the system of choice for the largest centralised construction materials LIMS installations in the world: It has been implemented multiple times in environments that service 20 - 100 laboratories, spanning massive geographical regions, such as the entire US or Australian continent.

QESTLab is also ideally suited to smaller companies that wish to improve the efficiency and quality of their laboratory operations.

QESTLab is able to assist construction materials producers who may be operating laboratories for compliance and quality control reasons, and at the same time it adapts very well to independent testing operations that may be performing hundreds of different tests and may be more interested in laboratory efficiency and return on investment. To examine further how QESTLab can assist you in your operations visit your industry-specific page by clicking on the following links:

QESTLab covers a wide range of test methods, including methods from ASTM, AASHTO, US State DoTs, Australian Standards, Australian State DoTs, British Standards, and New Zealand Standards. Additional information on the current availability of individual test methods can be found on the Test Method availability page.

The QESTLab system is currently available in the following two editions:

QESTLab Professional

(Single Laboratory)

QESTLab Enterprise


QESTLab Professional is designed to provide a complete data management, reporting and billing solution for construction materials and geotechnical testing laboratories, including those undertaking testing for concrete, aggregate and asphalt producers. Operating over a Local Area Network (LAN), QESTLab Professional stores data from multiple computers in a central database. It can also be interfaced with third party financial systems and with testing equipment (such as crushing machines or balances) to eliminate the need for manual data entry. QESTLab Enterprise is the premier QESTLab product, designed for companies that wish to implement a centralised system spanning multiple laboratories. It allows data from a central database to be accessed from anywhere in the world though the company's Wide Area Network (WAN) or via the internet. It provides up to the minute information to allow for resource planning, benchmarking of laboratory performance, centralised signing and issuing of reports and quality control. It can be integrated with almost any company wide system, including financial systems (to streamline client and project administration and billing), enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and production systems. QESTLab Enterprise is customisable to the needs of an individual organisation.


For a more comprehensive look at the class-leading features of the system, or to check the current list of supported tests, please select the appropriate link, or contact Spectra QEST sales.