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It is long overdue that I write you to express my pleasure with QESTLab, Spectra QEST and the entire Spectra QEST team. NTH Consultants, Ltd. implemented a centralized QESTLab system for our six geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratories in early 2006. As one of the first US users of QESTLab, we have had the unique opportunity to partner with Spectra QEST as QESTLab grew in the US market.

NTH laboratories were woefully behind the times with data management; three different software programs were in use for graphing, a manual paper tracking and file system was cumbersome, and hand written reports required typing and merging with graphed data. Systems and reporting were not consistent between labs. QESTLab transformed our laboratory operations nearly overnight. With the centralized information management system in place, we saw immediate improvement in productivity, consistency and quality of data.

QESTLab’s greatest immediate impact was with our concrete cylinder testing. Tracking and managing the testing of over 400 samples a day with a paper system required hours of effort by our lab managers who were constantly tracking down missing paperwork, checking calculations and summarizing data. QESTLab reduced tracking to a few key strokes. With few exceptions, we have not “lost” a sample’s paperwork in over 3 years! In addition, our lab managers no longer need to field phone calls for test results; project and support staffs have access to the system and can check status in real time. Similarly, report turnaround time has been reduced from a few days to a few hours.

The increased productivity since implementing QESTLab has allowed us to reduce our staff. In the busy summer months we had typically added staff at most of our locations to handle the heavier workload. Efficiencies afforded us by QESTLab has allowed us to reduce or eliminate temporary and summer staff without loss in quality.

In short, we are very happy with QESTLab and Spectra QEST. You have brought our laboratory operations out of the stone ages and directly to the forefront of technology in Laboratory Information Management. We look forward to expanding our capability with QESTField in the near future.

James J. Parsons, P.E.
Director of Laboratory Operations
NTH Consultants, Ltd.

Project Information:

NTH Consultants, Ltd (NTH) is a leading full service infrastructure and environmental engineering firm that has over 250 professionals working in offices in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Indiana. Incorporated in the state of Michigan in 1968, NTH specializes in providing infrastructure and environmental engineering services to public and private sector clients.

NTH was looking for a laboratory software solution that would help it improve the productivity, consistency and quality of data in its six geotechnical and construction materials testing laboratories. After evaluating the options, NTH selected QESTLab as the preferred software solution for its laboratories.

The QESTLab software was rolled-out in a centralized implementation for NTH’s six laboratories in 2006.