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At Twining, Inc., we recognized the need to replace our existing in-house laboratory software system with an enterprise-grade Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) in 2010. Spectra QEST was chosen as the preferred vendor and in QESTLab, we were able to implement a sophisticated LIMS which changed our business processes and brought the company significant efficiency and standardization gains.

In all of our dealings with them, we have found Spectra QEST’s staff to be reliable and professional. They conducted a substantial requirements analysis, taking the time to listen and understand our concerns and requirements thoroughly prior to the rollout and during the one week training phase. Responses were prompt and Spectra QEST was able to meet all of our existing and emerging needs both during the project deployment phase and afterwards.

Our laboratory staff have benefited from the efficiency gains that the system provides. Not only have the standard inclusions within the software transformed our laboratory operations, making them much more streamlined and efficient, but Spectra QEST also assisted with business process customizations that addressed our company’s specific needs in some of our key business areas. These included creating a cover letter interface to attach alongside our daily work orders and samples, creating flexible report formats for our steel and rebar testing, and configuring customizable footers for our concrete and aggregate test reports to address the specific requirements of our individual clients. Spectra QEST also developed seamless interfaces between QESTLab and Vision (our existing client and billing software) reducing data entry and minimizing administration cost.

Combining QESTLab with Spectra QEST’s Construction Hive platform has provided us with improved turnaround times on report publishing. The process involved in publishing reports is now quick and simple and our clients can gain instant access to new reports, as well as being able to easily search for and locate all previous reports.

The implementation of QESTLab and Construction Hive has significantly aided our end-to-end business process. We are very pleased that we chose to implement Spectra QEST’s products across all of our operations.

Linas Vitkus P.E., G.E.
Senior Vice President, Operations
Twining, Inc.

Project Information:

For over 100 years, Twining has taken pride in its reputation for quality, reliability and expertise in providing geotechnical, materials testing and construction inspection services. As one of California’s largest service providers, Twining has developed a reputation for technical innovation and resources to meet the changing needs of complex construction projects from multi-building hospital campuses to interstate highways. Twining employs some of the industry’s most well known construction materials experts who perform research and consult with regulatory agencies to shape the future of construction standard practices.

Headquartered in Long Beach, California, Twining has a network of sophisticated laboratories throughout California and a team of more than 300 people. Twining is equipped to effectively service California’s most critical structures and greatest attractions, landmarks, destinations and work spaces.

Twining was looking to replace its in-house system with an enterprise-grade LIMS specifically designed for the construction materials testing (CMT) industry. Their principal objective was to achieve gains in efficiency and standardization. In QESTLab, Twining has implemented a system that facilitates simplified reporting and billing processes, and standardizes data entry workflow throughout all of Twining’s laboratories.

The QESTLab software was rolled-out in a centralized implementation for Twining’s five laboratories over a period of 8 months in 2011. Twining’s use of Construction Hive commenced in mid 2012.