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Spectra QEST Industries

Spectra QEST products have been used in a few adjacent industries, over the past four decades. In this section, you can explore how our products currently assist innovative and visionary organisations become more accurate and more efficient in what they do – whether they operate in the public or private sectors.

QEST Platform Can Help With

The following areas of endeavor can be made easier, faster, more efficient and more accurate with the use of the different modules that make up QEST Platform.

Testing and Inspection Consultants

Organisations that test construction materials, or conduct geotechnical investigations, in the laboratory and in the field.

Construction Materials Producers

Manufacturers of aggregates, sands, concrete and asphalt products.


Companies that build major infrastructure works, such as roads and bridges.


Local, State or Federal Government bodies responsible for building infrastructure, for monitoring construction quality and for benchmarking suppliers.