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Third-Party Integrations

Spectra QEST has the ability to provide for electronic communication between QEST Platform and other, third-party software and hardware solutions. Explore how your systems can talk to each other making your testing and data entry faster and more accurate!

Interface and Integration with QEST Platform

Spectra QEST recommends to clients the use of “best of breed” systems for supporting different functions. For example, in the context of a medium or large, multi-site engineering company, a specialist ERP system should be employed for resource management, and a technical system (such as QEST Platform) should be used for technical information management.

For this model to work efficiently, custom, two-way integrations are often necessary. Spectra QEST has created many such interfaces over the years, with a multitude of commonly used systems in our industry – most commonly with leading financial/ERP systems and construction materials production systems.

An example of a typical implementation is one where the accounting/ERP system maintains clients, projects and even price lists for laboratory tests. This information comes to QEST Platform electronically, in near real time, and then, when the testing process has concluded in QEST Platform, billings or charges are generated automatically. Upon review by authorized users, these billings/charges flow back to the accounting/ERP system where they are used to invoice clients, track payments, create financial and compliance reports, etc.

In some instances, this process may be difficult to commercially justify for some smaller, less complex clients. In that case, clients, projects and prices are maintained in QEST Platform. Following review of the automatically generated billings/charges in QEST Platform, our system can create user-configurable reports which can be exported (in CSV format) to the accounting system. This semi-automated process, is very inexpensive and still provides valuable benefits in eliminating financial-related data entry.

Finally, there are opportunities to electronically interface with equipment such as balances and concrete specimen crushing machines. Spectra QEST has a large library of drivers for most commonly used such equipment. If your device has a serial port (RS-232 or USB), chances are QEST Platform can talk to it.

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The Benefits

Adopt QEST Platform to enjoy the following data sharing benefits:

System Integration

Integrate seamlessly with general, specialized and bespoke ERP, financial, planning and other systems. Share information on customers, projects, billing, resourcing, production, etc. Previous integrations have included, but are not limited to, SAP, Oracle Financials, Lawson, BST, Deltek (multiple versions), Command Alkon, etc.

Bespoke Interface Design

Spectra QEST understands that not all its clients use their software systems the same way. Our clients, often use even the most widely used accounting and ERP systems differently. Subtle but important differences exist on how they handle clients, projects, billing units, etc.

Therefore, we have developed the capability to take a close look at how you use your accounting or ERP system and design a bespoke interface that will work for you and the way you want to run your business.

Share Data with Your Clients’ Systems

Our clients often work for large projects where centralized construction management systems are employed. Where this is the case, we are able to share test reports (or even raw data and results, where that is required) with these systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of questions that customers ask us often.

Does QEST Platform offer an API that I can use?

The APIs that Spectra QEST has developed for communication to and from QEST Platform are not currently publicly available. Our customers could use such a feature, but as we are currently hard at work expanding the new QEST WebApp we will be developing this externally-facing API when enough functionality has been developed in the new technology stack.

What is the process in developing a custom interface with QEST Platform

Spectra QEST has decades’ worth of experience developing custom connectors and interfaces to and from QEST Platform with third-party software systems. Our experience has taught us that even very commonly used systems in the industry are often used differently by our customers. These different configurations can affect greatly the functionality of an interface.

We always start by a discovery process (a ‘mini business analysis’) to understand how our client will get maximum benefit out of the interface, what edge cases may exist and what exceptions need to be handled. We document our findings carefully and then estimate the cost of the work. Only at that point we start developing the solution, which, at completion, is tested by the client before acceptance.

This process is involved and requires resources on both our and the client sides. However, it invariably results in a functional interface that is well-designed, reliable and practical.

We have our own software development team. Can we develop connectors to and from QEST Platform without commissioning Spectra QEST to do the work?

Yes. Remember, that in on-prem hosted implementations of QEST Platform, the client has full access to the back-end SQL database. Spectra QEST can provide assistance on where and how records are kept and a connector directly to the back-end database is entirely possible.

However, a wiser approach may be one where Spectra QEST is commissioned to assist with the design of the interface/connector which gives the client access to Spectra QEST’s invaluable experience with such projects. After a suitable design has been finalized, the execution can then be taken care of an internal software development team, or a third-party vendor.