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Customer Portal

Spectra QEST’s Construction Hive is a fully-featured, optional customer portal where QEST Platform users can share test reports with internal and external stakeholders. Construction Hive offers fast, easy and secure access to reports and more!

Optimize Report Distribution with Construction Hive

Construction Hive is a cloud-based platform specifically designed for the distribution and consumption of information amongst industry participants including construction companies, construction material producers, testing consultant laboratories, government agencies and internal staff. It provides a centralized repository of documents and testing and inspection data that is available for review, analytical reporting and integration. Construction Hive is easy to access via a web browser and easy to use with built-in search and filter functionality.

It has been successfully used for large (>$1B) infrastructure projects in the United States and in Australia by leading private and public corporations. The platform currently holds millions of documents in storage and supports more than 65,000 registered users.

Construction Hive, Digital Sealing

The Benefits

Construction Hive is widely considered the most functional platform of its kind. Here are some reasons why:

Document Distribution

Construction Hive provides a mechanism for sharing field testing & inspection data, laboratory test reports and other documents and data with construction project participants.

Publish documents seamlessly from QEST Platform, or contact us to discuss options for publishing from third-party applications through the Construction Hive API. Provides publishers with a streamlined distribution process for both documents and data as well as the ability to monitor the history of document distribution, receipt and viewing.

Easy to Use

Quickly publish test reports. Publishing from QEST Platform is as easy as a click of a button.

Report recipients can utilize extensive fitler capabilities to locate specific test reports using pre-defined, industry selection criteria such as location details, material types, lot numbers, mix identifiers, work dates, project names, etc. or by using general search terms.

Notifications to Recipients

Construction Hive users may set notification preferences to determine when alerts are received for newly shared test reports and documents.

Report notification options include selections for the frequency and timing of alerts as well as for when a non-conforming test result.

Regardless of notification settings, reports shared with a user are available for viewing immediately when accessing the Construction Hive.

Digital Sealing

Allows professional engineers to digitally sign documents with their engineering seal. Provides identity verification, non-repudiation of the seal, and tamper-detection functionality. Any attempt to tamper with sealed documents or the applied digital seals will be detected.

Utilizes WebTrust and AATL trusted certificates for industry-leading assurance and out-of-the-box signature verification with Microsoft and Adobe products, respectively. Complies with digital signing requirements as set out by state licensing agencies for Professional Engineers in the USA.


Delivers reporting on the data behind the published reports, providing a solution for tracking material test and inspection results, frequency and quality. Analytics includes statistical capabilities and charting.


Provides a means of sharing data with third-party systems eliminating the need to re-key data. Has been used successfully to push documents to in-house storage solutions as well as for interfacing highly detailed test identification and result data with Department of Transportation quality management systems.


Provides a solution for long-term offsite storage of project-related documents as an alternative to, or for the augmentation of, local storage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of questions that customers ask us often.

Is an account with Construction Hive needed to receive test reports on the platform?

No, but it’s recommended. Construction Hive accounts are free to the user and allow for ongoing access to shared reports. Construction Hive accounts also allow the account holder to set preferences for notifications. Spectra QEST never shares your email or account information.

For those without a Construction Hive account, test reports will only be available for two weeks. Report recipients without an account will receive an email with a link to the given test report. When the link is accessed, the report may be viewed, downloaded or printed for the next 14 days, after which point the test reports is no longer available.

Can we host Construction Hive on premises?

No. Construction Hive is a Software as a Service (SaaS) that Spectra QEST hosts on top-tier, serviced infrastructure.

How can I share reports on Construction Hive?

Construction Hive is a SaaS product that is licensed based on the number of documents published on the platform. Different plans are available for companies that publish less than 1,000 documents/month, all the way up to more than 100,000 documents/month.

Construction Hive is licensed separately from QEST Platform licensing and is an optional add-on to your QEST Platform implementation.

While publishers subscribe with Spectra QEST to the service, recipients of test reports do not have to pay anything to use the service.

What if I receive test reports from multiple QEST Platform users in the future. Do I need multiple Construction Hive accounts?

No. Construction Hive groups test reports by originating company, as long as they all send it to the same email domain. Yet another reason why it is recommended that report recipients create a free account in Construction Hive: it becomes a very handy, cloud-based, electronic repository of all the test reports you receive from QEST Platform users.

Are my reports secure in Construction Hive? Will I need to configure anything to ensure documents aren’t shared with unintended recipients?

Construction Hive is a near-zero configuration system, because it relies on the test report issuer to share the test report with the appropriate project recipients (as these appear in QEST Platform project set up). These report recipients receive the documents that the report issuer sends them and no other Construction Hive users can access the test reports.