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Spectra QEST Solutions

Spectra QEST designs, produces and markets a complete suite of products offering streamlined solutions for construction materials testing (CMT), geotechnical investigations, field testing and inspections, scheduling of field personnel, laboratory testing, concrete mix management and communication of technical information to stakeholders.

QEST Platform Can Help With

The following areas of endeavor can be made easier, faster, more efficient and more accurate with the use of the different modules that make up QEST Platform.

Scheduling and Dispatch

Send notifications, create work orders, view staff assignments, track status, and ease scheduling of fieldwork via automation.

Field Testing & Inspections

Efficiently manage workflow between the field, lab and office. QESTField Tests is a mobile solution for field technicians.

Laboratory Testing & Automation

Manage your entire construction materials testing (CMT) operation and automate processes with select equipment integration, barcoding and kiosk mode.

Laboratory Management (LIMS)

LIMS provides you with a sophisticated, electronic data management system to replace both legacy systems and paper-based or rudimentary spreadsheet-based recording.

Reporting and Digital Signing

Handle the entire report build, review and signature process electronically and use Construction Hive for the application of digital seals.

Customer Portal

Real-time updates that connect field operations to the laboratory and office. Milestone tracking, reporting and digital sealing are managed via a customer portal.

Third-Party Integration

Offering custom integrations with financial, ERP and technical systems to support different functions at various business levels.

Tools for Concrete Producers

Realize efficiencies from connected workflows for concrete with real-time updates that connect field operations to the laboratory and office.

Select the Right Approach for your Business

QEST Platform is available as a Cloud service or an On-Prem solution with a comprehensive range of construction materials laboratory and field test methods to national and state standards. With tools that provide for configuring and extending functionality, you can either adopt a standard setup with remote training from us or we can guide you through a more extensive implementation and platform adaptation. The choice is yours…


We are looking for a rapid implementation with minimal business disruption.

  • Cloud solution
  • Workflow discovery and basic configuration
  • Remote training and go-live support
  • Rapid deployment 4 to 6 weeks
  • Simple data import / export


We are looking for maximizing productivity gains and open to overhauling work processes.

  • Cloud or On-Prem solution
  • Comprehensive workflow analysis, project plan and configuration
  • Onsite or Remote training and go-live support
  • Deployment 3 to 6 months
  • Simple data import / export


We have custom requirements that go beyond industry standard work processes.

  • Cloud or On-Prem solution
  • Comprehensive workflow analysis, project plan and configuration
  • Tailored project management, onsite training and go-live support
  • Deployment duration dependent on requirements
  • Integration with standard and/or in-house enterprise systems

Our Advantage

Most software vendors invest a lot of effort and care in the pre-sales process, in order to acquire customers. Following this, they typically offer some training on the tools they sell and leave the client alone to work out the rest.

Spectra QEST is a little different: We recognise that the implementation of a system like QEST Platform, a product that promotes best practice in the laboratory, efficient workflows in the field, in all, unparalleled data management and data mining capabilities, is an excellent transformative opportunity for our clients. Therefore, we offer different implementation models to suit our customers desire and appetite to re-engineer what they do, and realise ‘next level’ operational excellence.

Hosting Options

Cloud or on-Prem solutions available to all our clients, private or government, globally.

All-Inclusive Subscriptions

Subscription fees include access to all QEST Platform products (Construction Hive excluded) and include software licensing, hosting and generous service allowances.

Highly Configurable

QEST Platform is a very configurable system that includes hundreds of options designed to reflect common differences in workflows.

SaaS Client Portal

Upgrade the interaction with your clients by subscribing to Construction Hive, a SaaS portal specifically designed to make the sharing of test reports with your clients easy, fast, secure and traceable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a selection of questions that customers ask us often:

My operation is currently small and manageable but I have plans to grow. When do I invest in a system?

While a business is small, say less than 10 people overall, it is relatively easy to keep things under control. Most people know what each other is doing, and it can even be argued that the more experienced employees need a higher degree of freedom and autonomy in order to compensate for the lack of systems.

This situation changes dramatically when staff numbers increase or a second (and subsequent) location(s) are established. There is no doubt that the discipline, standardization and order a leading system such as QEST Platform brings to an organisation is invaluable then.

Having said that, the implementation of a system is much harder (and therefore more expensive and risky) at that stage. That is why it is a smart choice to invest in a technical system early in the company’s journey, when change management is simpler and when it is crucial to establish reliable and extendable work practices.

Should I host QEST Platform on my own servers, or should I subscribe to a hosted solution?

There are benefits in either approach. Clients that have sensitivities about exactly where the data resides, or who have a good degree of internal IT competence and want a high level of integration, may choose to host the system in-house. Clients who have a culture of outsourcing as many IT functions as possible find it easier (and often more affordable) to have Spectra QEST host the system for them.

Spectra QEST, unlike most other vendors, offers you the choice. If unsure, discuss with us the pros and cons and be sure that we will help you make the right decision for your business.

I have heard that large software projects often run over time, over budget and are risky. Why?

Unfortunately, this is often true. Clients can underestimate the complexity of implementing a software product that will support core functions in an organisation (as QEST Platform does for its client base). Vendors, are sometimes very eager to close a sale and over-promise, or minimize legitimate, complex requests by clients.

To succeed, one needs to carefully and honestly evaluate the capabilities of ALL THREE critical dimentions in such a project: the software, the vendor and the client.

The SOFTWARE needs to be fit for purpose and needs to have enough functionality to cover the different aspects of what the client expects.

The VENDOR needs to be experienced with similar implementations for clients sharing that same regional, operational and size attributes.

Finally, the CLIENT needs to have a realistic appreciation of what can be achieved, the limitations of what the product can do, the change management process involved and the resources that will be necessary to make it all happen.

Spectra QEST offers a comprehensive service, called a ‘Business Analysis’ that considers all these variables and provides a written report which can then be reviewed with the client and which can form the basis of the implementation plan. This innovative Business Analysis process is the reason why Spectra QEST has far higher implementation success rate than other vendors.