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Supported Test Methods

QEST Platform incorporates electronic worksheets that cover approximately 600 different test methods, including methods from ASTM, AASHTO, US State DOTs, Australian Standards, Australian State DOTs, British Standards, and New Zealand Standards.

Electronic Worksheets

These electronic worksheets collect all the information required by the method, perform calculations and checks, and produce test reports in accordance with the method.

QEST Platform is not restricted to the methods detailed in these lists. The electronic worksheets outlined here are those that have already been developed for the Platform. New electronic worksheets are added daily to the system and more can be quickly developed as a need arises.

It is also possible for users (with appropriate credentials) to add electronic worksheets in QEST Platform using the Excel embedding functionality that is included in the system. If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us.

Below you can find the tests currently supported natively in QEST Platform. Please click on the jurisdiction of your choice for a detailed list.


United States

United Kingdom

New Zealand